WilloWind Energy is a developer and operator of wind farms in the UK


Further Consultation For Linfairn Wind Farm


WilloWind Energy Ltd has resumed consultation on its proposal to develop Linfairn wind farm near Maybole and Straiton in South Ayrshire.

In September 2013 the company made an application under Section 36 of the Electricity Act to build a 25 turbine wind farm with a site capacity of up to 62.5MW. Since then WilloWind has restructured their Scottish operation and carried out a full review of a number of their planned projects, including Linfairn.

Suki Atwal, a founding director of WilloWind, is now in charge of Scottish operations. He has been visiting their sites across Scotland and discussing with their project advisers the next steps for each project.

Mr Atwal said: “I am organising a series of meetings with the Councils, local elected representatives and other local stakeholders to ensure our proposals take account of all material considerations.”

“As far as Linfairn is concerned, WilloWind will continue to seek feedback on the proposals and consider how best to make progress. Further details will be confirmed once we are in a position to do so."

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